playlist: may good music be with you

Today is May 1st- say whaaat. For some reason, it’s a really hard pill for me to swallow this month; I can’t get over how fast time is flying. Spring is certainly in full bloom, but flowers aren’t the only fresh picks I got this month.

On my May-list I featured not one but two new singles from one of my artist crushes, Leon Bridges. I remember where I was the first time I was dazzled by his voice- it was that memorable. My best friend & musical soul sister, Melissa, and I were cruising in my ’99 Ford Escort when Better Man started playing on the radio. We legitimately parked the car to listen to it. His old school jazz club vibe can get the shyest wallflower out of their seat. Sorry, I’m fan-girling over here but he’s just that good.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise is also making another appearance. I’m pretty disappointed that I went on for so long without knowing who they were. They’ve been around since 2014-that’s four years RKS-less so I’m making up for lost time.

Don’t forget to check out Love Somebody by Ta-ku + Wafia and Toluca Lake by Tep No. I’m talking ‘on repeat for hours’ kind of songs. Take my word for it.

Less talking, more listening.

Your Gal, Shaye


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