playlist: but wait, it’s June?!

Summertime is officially in the house. *insert dancing GIF here*

We all know what this means; lots of sunshine, even more sunscreen, and tons of feel-good music. I curated this playlist with lots of me-time in mind. Warmer weather allows for lots of quality time with… yourself! As someone that lives in a studio with two other people, I speak for all three of us when I say it’s crucial to your sanity. It allows you time to reflect, think, and re-group. Don’t get me wrong, I love hangin’ with my roommates, but I also love being alone with myself and my thoughts.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

There’s no better time to do so than when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. Go for a hike, post up in a beach chair by the shore, or shack up under a willow tree in the park with your newest read. Whatever the case may be, allow the June playlist to set the tone.

Favorites of the month:
Moonlight in Atlanta – Russ
On the Loose (slenderbodies remix) – Niall Horan
Autumn Gray – Boy Willows
California Dreamin’ – Amason

Here’s to you and to a healthy summer filled with happiness!

Your Gal, Shaye



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